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Welcome to the North American Portability Management LLC website!

 What is the NAPM LLC:

  • The NAPM LLC is a Delaware Limited Liability Company
  • Was formed for the purpose of engaging in business activities related to the development and implementation of policies for number portability in the 7 NPAC regions of the United States (see slide 3)
  • The NAPM, LLC membership is currently made up with companies from a cross section of the industry with members from:
    • Wireless
    • Wireline
    • Cable
    • VoIP

 NAPM LLC History:

  • With the introduction of Local Competition the FCC ordered Local Number Portability
  • This required a national data base to facilitate the routing of calls to ported numbers
  • The FCC in the 2nd Report and Order required LLC's be formed to manage the data base administrator
  • In the beginning there were seven separate LLCs, one for each of the seven regions
  • In 1999 the seven LLC consolidated into one and it became the NAPM LLC

What is the purpose of the LLC?
  • Purpose of the LLC is to negotiate and manage the contracts for LNP administration, including "immediate oversight and management" of the LNP administrator(s) in accordance with orders and directions from the Federal Communications Commission (the "FCC").

  • Responsibilities include the management of the Master Agreement (Contract)  with the third party vendor chosen to serve as the NPAC administrator including the following:
    • NPAC Vendor Contract management and negotiations, (i.e. Pricing)
    • Ensures appropriate  use of NPAC data as outlined in the NPAC/SMS User Agreement between User and NPAC Administrator
    • The LLC ensures completion of Agreements between the LLC and the vendor that enhance NPAC functionality
    • Monitor the performance of  the NPAC Administrator by using a set of Metrics and Measurements that conform to  industry standards
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