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 Benefits of membership:

  • As the industry grows, members have a responsibility to help manage the impacts of rapid growth
  • The industry has become more complex and requires participation from a cross section of industry members to provide a more balanced view of industry needs
  • Member companies become a part of the decision making team (each  member has an equal vote)
  • Member companies can help steer the future of LNP/WLNP, help with financial planning and business management decision making
  • NAPM LLC participation provides an opportunity to influence and persuade the industry with how LNP/WLNP is managed and deployed

NAPM LLC Membership Qualification Requirements:

  • A carrier must be an authorized carrier that has the authority under state law and the FCC to engage in the provision to public of facilities based wireline or CMRS Local Exchange Telecommunication Services in any state in any of the United States regions, or have intent to become authorized within six months, or be a:

a) Class 1 standalone interconnected VoIP provider that obtains numbering resources directly from the North American Numbering Plan Administrator (NANPA) and the Pooling Administrator (PA) and connects directly to the PSTN, or

b) Class 2 interconnected VoIP provider that partners with a facilities-based Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) authorized carrier to obtain numbering resources and connectivity to the PSTN via the authorized carrier partner.

  • The carrier must be porting numbers in at least one of the United States regions or has delivered to the NAPM LLC a written declaration of the carrier's intention to port numbers within six months after the date of admission as a member of the NAPM LLC.
  • The carrier must either have entered into a User Agreement with respect to the NPAC/SMS or delivered to the NAPM LLC a written declaration of it's intention to enter into a User Agreement upon commencement of porting.
  • The carrier must not otherwise be prohibited by the FCC or any state regulatory authority from becoming a member
  • The NAPM LLC remains open to new members, and as an incentive to encourage new membership, the NAPM LLC approved extending waiver for the new membership initiation fee of $10,000 through December 31, 2018. 
For more information contact:

NAPM LLC Co-Chairs:

Teresa Patton
Office Phone:972-989-5126

Email:  mailto: TP1393 at att.com

Tim Kagele
Office Phone: 303.372.2117

Email:  mailto: tim_kagele at cable.comcast.com


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